You are invited to discover God’s heart for a beautiful community of diverse individuals in The Crimson Thread™ Book series by Jean Kingery.

Unfortunately, families affected by disability have felt extreme isolation and hopelessness because of their differences. It’s critical to challenge the role that each of us play in making them feel seen, welcome, and loved. This book will provide a better understanding of God’s word on disability and serve as a reminder of how we are all made in his image.

The author paints vivid imagery with the color crimson which resembles the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross. A strand of thread displays the way that God weaves individual fibers together to unite us.

Whether you’re a care partner, church leader, or volunteer, these directives for believers will reveal our individual and corporate responsibility to spread hope.

In December 2022, Jean Kingery added to the series with a companion devotional: The Crimson Thread Through Disability Reflections.

The Crimson Thread Through Disability: Discover God’s Heart and Your Part is available for purchase as a paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and eBook formats on Kindle, NOOK Book, and Apple Books. The companion devotional, The Crimson Thread Through Disability Reflections is exclusively available on Amazon and Kindle.

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learn about the crimson thread

An excerpt from The Crimson Thread Through Disability: “You may be asking yourself, “What is the crimson thread, and what does it have to do with me?” The color crimson is a deep, vivid shade of red. I pray that you’re reminded of your valuable role in expanding the kingdom. Whether you’re a care partner, church leader, or volunteer within a ‘differently abled’ community, this book will challenge how the crimson blood of the cross covers us all. Discover your part and God’s heart, dear friends. Spread hope to families affected by disabilities around the world. Remember, in Christ, we are never alone!”

meet the author and illustrator

Jean Kingery has a background as a college professor, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, missionary, and international church planter which shaped the book that you will hold in your hand.

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The illustrations featured in The Crimson Thread: Discover God’s Heart and Your Part are by Jarelle Bjork, a 22-year old Haitian-born artist living in Northern California.

hear what others are saying

The Crimson Thread Through Disability is an eye-opener. It makes you think twice about the upside down values we subconsciously assign to people. And it will open your eyes to a world of people that God insists are utterly indispensable, especially when it comes to the body of Christ and the way we function together as believers. Jean Kingery speaks beautifully and forcefully in this, her first published work. The Crimson Thread Through Disability will show you how to spread the hope of Jesus individually and corporately among those who need his love most. Best of all, you will discover just who are the most indispensable and necessary people in your sphere of influence. I promise you will never pass a wheelchair-user or a blind, Deaf, or intellectually-impaired individual without giving them your smile…and hopefully, a Spirit-blessed word of encouragement in Christ.” – Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder/CEO of Joni and Friends

“I wish this book had been written 50 years ago. My youngest brother, Brent, had cerebral palsy and suffered so much misunderstanding from people in our church. Had it been written 50 years ago, I know our pastor/father would have made sure that every church member read it, so that they could come to a deeply theological understanding about God’s passionate love and care for people with disabilities. They would have been confronted with their own prejudices, and given ideas to confront them. They would have been given numerous suggestions for making our church a welcoming and redeeming place for those who have felt left out and rejected. This wonderful guidebook hadn’t been written, yet, 50 years ago–but now every church member has the opportunity to read it and be drawn close to God’s caring heart for the disabled. Read it now and begin today.” – Rev. Dr. Lauran D. Bethell, International Consultant Responses to Human Trafficking, International Ministries American Baptist Church/USA

“Oh, if only we all recognized the imago Dei (image of God) in every person we met! Jean Kingery has done a beautiful job of weaving together the stories of biblical characters, the teachings of the Lord, and the challenges of those with disabilities into a heart-touching and very practical guide to ministry. She is able to open our eyes to the Lord’s very clear message that all of us are God’s children and should be embraced and included.”- Dr. Keva Green, Senior Pastor and author, First United Methodist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas

“In The Crimson Thread Through Disability, Jean Kingery does a truly masterful job of weaving clear Scriptural teaching with current real-life stories to show God’s heart for those with disabilities. She doesn’t stop there though, she also adds simple, practical ways to reflect upon and then apply what you are reading. If God’s heart is clearly for the disabled, then our hearts (and hands) need to be as well. Jean doesn’t write from theory, but rather from decades of sacrificial service on behalf of those with disabilities. If you want a book to help you think through and then live out God’s compassionate love and care for the disabled, then this is that book!” – Rev. Paul R. Madson, President, Global Training Network, Peoria, Arizona 

“It is my joy and privilege to recommend The Crimson Thread Through Disability, especially to pastors and church leaders. Page after page, you will encounter the heart of God for people and families—image bearers—greatly affected by disability. And you will also discover how God has designed the church to be the manifestation of his heart.” – Rev. Todd Nighswonger, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, California

“The Crimson Thread Through Disability should come with a warning label. “Beware, this book will change your life!” Jean Kingery loves people affected by disabilities and understands their world. In this book, she tackles the profound mysteries of God regarding injustice and suffering that often isolate us from one another. Through Bible studies, real-life stories, and personal reflections, God will transform your mind and heart for hurting people. You’ll take hold of The Crimson Thread and become the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. A must-read for all Christians seeking to know Him more.” – Pat Verbal. M.A., author and educator and former Sr. Manager of Publishing & Ministry Resources at Joni and Friends.

“God used Jean’s writing to soften and expand my heart toward individuals who move, speak and look differently than me — and I am confident God will do the same for you as you read The Crimson Thread Through Disability. As a result, you will truly love God and love all people.” – Dave DeVries, Executive Director, Vinia